You're Engaged, Now What?

You’re Engaged, Now What?

Are you recently engaged? Congratulations!!  Wedding planning can be an overwhelming process, here are 6 steps to help with your wedding planning.

1.Get excited!! – Sounds cliche we know but shout it out to the world, get excited!  call your loved ones, text your entire phone book, post that instagram shot, announce it on facebook, do whatever you want to do i & don’t hold back if that’s what you’re in to.

2.Set a budget – there no point planning a wedding and contacting vendors if you don’t have a budget set. You’re wasting your time and theirs! Sit down with your fiance and work out your wedding budget. We will be going into further details in another vlog on how to set a wedding budget.

3.Guest list – you will obviously need to know how many people you will need to host at your wedding before you contact any venues to get a quote as they will need to know how many guests they need to cater for.

4.Choose a Wedding Season- Are you considering a summer wedding or winter wedding? Make sure you are flexible with dates to avoid disappointment, we’d suggest having 3 dates in mind incase your number 1 or 2 chosen wedding date isn’t available

5.Pick your Wedding Style! – When considering your wedding style, think about colour palates, your wedding theme, modern, boho. This is important one as things like wedding flowers are affected by your style and colour palate as flowers are seasonal

6.Choose a Wedding Venue – It’s best you choose a wedding venue sooner rather than later, if you like a wedding venue that is a popular one they can book out well in advance as in 12-18 months in advance!

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