Wet Weather Wedding

Wet Weather Wedding

Don’t let mother nature rain on your parade!

Hope for the best, expect the worse – If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will probably want a back up plan to be at the top of your priority list. It is essential you are equally as happy with your wet weather option as if it were your primary plan. With thought and planning you can still have the perfect day rain, hail or shine. Infact, some of the best wedding photos we’ve seen are actually in the rain believe it or not, you might even get a lucky rainbow!

Hot tips to ensure you embrace a wet weather wedding:

Consider the average weather conditions of your chosen wedding date

This might sound like a no brainer for some, however you may not only want the perfect weather, but also the perfect temperature. Unfortunately it may be one or the other! Warmer months = higher rainfall, cooler months = less rainfall. Choose wisely!

Hire a wedding planner

wedding planner / coordinator can certainly take the pressure off you on your special day, especially if last minute venue changes are required due to the weather. It’s an investment that really is priceless.

Choosing a wet weather venue

Generally, the most logical, convenient and cost effective plan b is your reception venue, chat with them and ask if they have the option for you to also hold your ceremony there.

Take it to the tent

An alternative option is hiring a wedding marquee that is close by and easily accessible that can still giving you that outdoor feel with plenty of coverage for your guests. Check with the venue to ensure this option is allowed and if you need to work with an approved preferred supplier.

Embrace the brolly’s

Have umbrellas prepared and ready to go! Also consider your wedding style, the last thing you want is them to clash with the bridal party outfits. The umbrellas may need to be featured as a prop in your wedding photos so ideally you want them to tie in nicely. Why not also grab some gumboots while you’re wet weather shopping!? These also can look super cute & quaint in wedding shots.

Early bird gets the worm

If your wedding is planned for summer we all know how popular those afternoon rain storms can be, if this is predicted by the weather man on your special day why not bring the ceremony forward by an hour or two as a precaution.

Protect yourself

Even the best meteorologists in the industry can get the forecast wrong. Why not consider event insurance? If mother nature wants to challenge your primary plan then it could be possible to recoup some of your costs.

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