Wedding Hair Trial - Do I Really Need One?

Wedding Hair Trial – Do I Really Need One?

When you are planning your wedding there is always the question of how can I keep some of my costs down. As a hairdresser I often get asked do I need a hair trial. The answer is Yes.

Ultimately it is up to you and I have done many brides hair where they have not had trials but here is my list of why a hair trial is beneficial and for that matter a hair and make-up trial;

  1. You need to try the products and tools are suitable in your hair type to create the desired look. Some hair types can react differently to different tools and what works on one person doesn’t necessarily work on someone else.
  2. Sometimes when you see your dream hairstyle actually on yourself it doesn’t look or feel how you thought it would. (think of how many people buy a wedding dress they never thought they would try on! Same goes for hair.)
  3. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions and meet your stylist to talk over the running of the day and alternative hairstyles for different weather conditions
  4. Having a hair and make-up trial together gives you more perspective if you are a visual person.
  5. Trying your dress on with you hair and make-up done is beneficial to see the over all look
  6. A trial will give you an idea on how long hair will take on the day

Photographer: Fleur Mae Photography, Makeup: Mirror Mirror Makeup Artistry, Hair: The Hair Artist Collective / Sarah Courtney, Location: Rosalie House, Dress: Luxe Bridal Lounge

Having a hair trial puts your mind at ease and allows you to relax more on your special day and not feel anxious about your style of hair working with your style of dress. It is not something I recommend in missing to save a little money. It is worth every penny on the day for your sanity and peace of mind.the Hair Artist Collective team strive to build relationships and to me that is mostly what a trial is all about. Your hairdresser and make-up artist are spending a large amount of time with you and you need to make sure you are comfortable to speak frankly with your stylist and feel relaxed as they join in your special day. 

Guest author: The Hair Artist Collective / Sarah Courtney.

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