Wedding Day Emergency Kit (what to include)

Wedding Day Emergency Kit (what to include)

A wedding day emergency kit is probably the last thing on your mind with all the other organising it takes to plan a wedding.
We’ve put together a wedding day emergency checklist to ensure you don’t forget any essentials.

Here are some things you could include in your wedding day emergency kit:

Deodorant – so everyone can remember you smelling your best

Mouth wash – again, so everyone can remember you smelling your best

Double sided fashion tape – secure necklines, mend hems, hold bra straps in place

Tissues – for all those happy tears

Sewing Kit – including needles, thread and safety pins incase you or your bridal party find yourself in a bit of a situation

Hand Sanitiser – there will most likely be no bathrooms around during your after ceremony photos and just remember how many people you’ve just hugged or shaken hands with

Hair essentials – including hair ties, bobby pins and clips. You can just never be too sure

Wet ones – wipes are great for so many reasons, especially if you spill something on the beautiful white gown!

Bandaids – one word…blisters! New wedding shoes are bound to cause some pain, unless you’ve been wearing them around the house for the past 6 weeks which is something I would  definitely do

Nurofen – headache, neck pain, back pain…it’s a long day! Alternatively you could take it before bed to suppress the hangover

Tampons – ladies, this one is self explanatory.






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