Wedding Budget Saving Tips

Wedding Budget Saving Tips

When it comes to getting married, it can be expensive. We’ve put together 11 budget saving tips for brides. We understand the financial pressure planning a wedding can put on couples. You know what they say, happy wife, happy life.

  1. Cut your guest count!
  • When considering your wedding guestlist, think about people who have been in your life for the past 6 months, 12 months, 2 years & 5 years
  • You can’t plan a 10k wedding with 200 people
  • Only invite plus 1’s if the plus 1’s are engaged or married

2. Stick to your budget

  • Sticking to your wedding budget sounds simple doesnt it, it’s not!
  • If you have a budget for a $4000 photography package then do your best to stick to it. The moment you start allowing a few extra hundred dollars for each individual vendor is when your budget is going to be blown out of the water

3. DIY

  • If you are considering a DIY wedding we suggest asking your family and friends to help you make props, invitations, artificial flower bouquets etc
  • Whilst this could be a good fit for you, we recommend only doing about 40% DIY and 60% vendors as it will all just get too much and stress you out

4. Expect the unexpected

  • By this we mean, plan for unexpected wedding costs that pop up
  • There will be things that pop up that you didn’t budget for, so budget for the unexpected for example alterations to your wedding dress, wedding accessories (often brides forget the prices of a wedding veil, wedding hair piece, wedding earrings etc
  • There are going to be things you didn’t budget for trust us!

5. Keep your bridal party small

  • We know this is a hard one for you ladies out there with 15 best friends but if you’re anything like us that have 5 friends it will be a breeze.
  • The more bridesmaids/ groomsmen you have the more expenses you’re going to have
  • Wedding makeup, wedding hair, bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaid shoes, mens suits, belts, ties.
  • If you do the “will you be my bridesmaid” gifts these will all add up which may not fit into your budget

6. Skip save the date cards

  • They will literally end up in the bin once they receive the wedding invites
  • Our hot tip for this is just to send out your actual wedding invitation a lot earlier than you would otherwise if you were sending out a save the date card

7. Re-use your florals!

  • Some wedding florists will do this, some will not so make sure you ask the question when booking in your wedding florist. In some situations it may not be possible however it won’t hurt to ask
  • Use the wedding arbour floral piece from your ceremony as a table piece for the bridal table
  • Use your bridesmaid bouquets as a centrepiece too, once they’ve used them for the ceremony and photos they are only going to be laying them on the table anyways!

8. Favours

  • You don’t need them, people don’t really notice them and 50% of people don’t  even take them home! You can definitely cut costs with the wedding favours

9. Dessert table

  • Instead of doing a massive 3 tiered wedding cake that could cost you upwards of $500 why not do a cute wedding dessert table with bite sized desserts? This will save you on paying staff to cut, plate and serve cake. You could also do a small cake just for the cake cutting photos

10.  Alcohol

  • Only serve beer and wine as part of your bar package, you can organise a cash bar for those who want spirits

11. Invest in a wedding planner or coordinator

  • Sounds ridiculous right as it’s one thing you’re thinking you could probably get away without having however….. A Wedding planner or wedding coordinator could be your biggest investment when it comes to saving money. They know the industry, they know how things work and could save you a lot of time and money which could be more valuable elsewhere in your wedding planning process.
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