6 Tips to Know Before Shopping for Bridal Lingerie!

6 Tips to Know Before Shopping for Bridal Lingerie!

Choosing the right bridal lingerie for your big day is very important. It’s your wedding, and the lingerie, shape wear and underwear is an crucial factor in making you feel comfortable and your dress sits perfectly. Here are few tips and tricks for your special day.

  • Invisibility

If you want an invisible look for your underwear with your wedding dress, always consider your underwear while buying your wedding dress. Dresses are often smooth and sheer, so its always better to have a discussion with your make-up artist or designer during the trials.

  • Try it all on

Bring all the bridal accessories that you are planning to wear on your special day, especially your underwear and shoes. Being comfortable for the whole day is something you would want. Shoes can make your walking uncomfortable, as uncomfortable lingerie can make your dress look bad.

  • Match Colors

If you plan on choosing a traditional or lightly colored wedding gown, your best bet are white or skin-colored lingerie so they don’t peek through your dress. You can always slip into a colorful set for your wedding night! If you choose a dark shaded wedding gown, you get some flexibility in the undergarments section. 

  • Break it in

Wear the new set of lingerie or  shapewear in your house to get an idea of how it feels and it has any issues. Just like a new pair of shoes, its always better if you break in your new set of under garments beforehand.

  • Be prepared

Buy and extra pair of hosiery for emergency kit. Its your big special day, and you wouldn’t like to have a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Smile!

Whatever you might wear, the best thing that you can wear is a big smile! It’s your wedding day! Enjoy! And congratulations on getting married.

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