Timing on Your Wedding Day Morning With Your Hair and Make-up Team

Timing on Your Wedding Day Morning With Your Hair and Make-up Team

Timing is very important on your wedding day and often the first people to start the day off is your hair and make-up artists. People often worry that their hair and make-up is too early but to be truthful you need to listen to your professionals and ensure you have a trial to put your mind at ease. There are obviously factors such as weather that play a big roll in hair and make-up lasting but a trial is not just about the ability of the hairstylist and make-up artist but to trial the products they use are best for your hair. 

Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead, Makeup: Mirror Mirro Makeup, Hair: The Hair Artist Collective, Photographer: By Grace Images

The reason you need to allow time for hair and make-up is because;

  • you need to allow ample time for hair and make-up and changes
  • you need to allow time to check other things for the morning. You often have unexpected things that you won’t think of that may take you away for a moment and all those moments add up.
  • you need to allow time to eat
  • you need to allow time for photos Not many people want alot of photos without hair and make-up so it is best for hair and make-up to be finished for your photographer to have your undivided attention. You can still get some candid shots or staged candid shots but you do not want hair, make-up photographer and everyone else trying to take a piece of you.
  • allow time for touch ups prior to hair and make-up leaving

You also have to consider the quality of work from your vendors if they are rushed and pressured to adhere to smaller time schedule when they are rushed. If you want them at there best allow time and let the professionals guide you on your day. There is nothing worse then starting the day feeling rushed let alone the pressure it puts on all your vendors to perform in a slim timeframe. It is our job to make you shine and allowing ample time allows everyone to do so.

Venue: Melrose Station Killarney, Hair: The Hair Artist Collective, Photographer: Salt Studios

You need to look at terms and conditions for your vendors as well as how long you have each vendor for. When booking or when you have a ceremony time ask your hair and make-up artist ask for approximate time frames and timeline when booking as this will build the rest of your schedule for the day. The terms and conditions will detail if you have your hair and make-up artist for the full day or the allocated time schedule. 

Your pricing may also vary if you want your hair and make-up vendors to stay past their allocated time or longer after they have completed everyone.. Consider this when booking and how your schedule will work. I always suggest having lengthy conversations at a trial around timing. I suggest a hair and makeup trial  2-3 months out from your day. If you have a hair and make-up artist familiar with your venue or specialises in weddings they will have extensive knowledge and experience on how to ensure you run on time.

Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead, Makeup: Kylie Nolan, Hair: The Hair Artist Collective, Photographer: Fountain Photo

Guest author: The Hair Artist Collective / Sarah Courtney.

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