The do’s, the don’t and the maybe’s.

The do’s, the don’t and the maybe’s.

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Planning a wedding is so exciting but can quickly become stressful especially if you plan to do any of it yourself. We suggest using our wedding checklistwhether you’re doing it yourself or leaving it to the professionals.

Before you start ordering bulk hand made paper and a whole heap of craft to re-design an invitation you saw on pinterest that will take 3 weekends to make… Here are some tips!

First things first, allocate your budget. Sit down with your fiance and prioritise the non negotiables. It is so easy to blow your budget on things you haven’t even considered. For example, are you planning an engagement party? Are you serving dessert AND cake? Are you making your own bombonieres? Are you buying your own lighting to later store it in your shed for the rats to find?

Let’s look at just a few pro’s and con’s of some DIY choices you could make on your special day.



  • Choose your own caterers. In some cases this can save you bucket loads. External catering companies are generally far more reasonable than inhouse ones.
  • Supply your own drinks with no corkage fee!
  • The entire look is decided by you, chairs, tables, decor, cutlery, napkins etc. A lot of venues have approved suppliers that you are obligated to use.
  • You can set up prior to your wedding date. Many venues have back to back weddings especially Friday, Saturday & Sunday where generally you are only allowed access the morning of the wedding


  • It’s all on your shoulders (no pressure) although it could affect how you enjoy your wedding day if things don’t go to plan
  • More could go horribly wrong, each supplier offers a different kind of expertise therefore they specialise in their own line of work, if something goes wrong chances are it will be rectified without you even knowing causing you less stress on the day
  • A unique or not approved “wedding” venue may not have an alcohol licence

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  • Generally stationery companies have set templates they work within. By creating and designing yourself, you’re getting exactly what you had in mind from that pinterest pic
  • You will save money!!! Invitations are an expensive piece of the wedding that in all honesty most people just end up throwing away regardless how beautiful your invitations may be.
  • Some of us are just born creative (not me) and love cutting, gluing and sticking as it’s therapeutic and an outlet to release stress & tension


  • If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to pay someone to do your dirty work (pun intended) IT IS MESSY! Just think back to when you were a child and doing arts & craft in school, glitter & glue everywhere!!!!
  • If you’re time poor it’s probably going to create more stress than what it’s worth, these things take time and patience and something you cannot rush as you will see every detail
  • Lack of ideas – if you don’t have specific in mind, or not a creative person maybe it’s best you leave it to the professionals

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  • Sourcing and doing your own bouquets / centrepieces / boutonnieres and arrangements will cut costs as you are not paying labour costs. With money you are saving, it will lower your all round wedding costs or allow you to purchase more flowers within your budget
  • If you are planning on using fake flowers, you will have a keepsake forever that you can treasure as a memory of your wedding (along with your husband)
  • Control can be comforting to some, if you are a control freak and can’t allow people to take charge in case of the mishaps then DIY flowers might just be for you


  • Do you have the time? Like really have the time? Many brides underestimate the time it takes to do an arrangement, we’ve been told it can take up to two hours just to perfect one arrangement! If you have 3+ bridesmaids, yourself, arbour arrangement, table pieces, boutonnieres etc do you really want the stress leading up to your special day?
  • Finding the perfect supplier, have you purchased from them previously? Are you going to be happy with the quality of the flowers?
  • Storing the flowers – flowers require cool and dry places to ensure they don’t wither. If you are unable to store in such place, consider hiring a florist to ensure you have beautiful and fresh looking fowers.

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The do’s and the dont’s

DO know your limits – how much spare time have you got on your hands? Do you want every waking moment to be spent on stressing about your wedding day and if you’ll have everything completed in time?

DO hire a wedding planner or hire a really organised friend in exchange for something – you’ll find yourself forever questioning your MANY decisions you have to make, having someone who will think logically not just emotionally will be your best asset.

DON’T even consider making food, drinks or dessert / cake on your wedding day – this will be your biggest stress, so much so you won’t even enjoy your wedding day.

DON’T think you’re saving money by asking Aunt Patty to be your photographer because she recently bought a new $3000 canon. We have witnessed far too many extremely disappointed brides because of this. At the end of it all, you are left with the memories that quickly fade but photos that last a lifetime, invest wisely.

DON’T overkill the decorations – i’m sure you’ve heard the saying, less is more? This couldn’t be more accurate. Let the venue shine for itself, not every corner has to be covered in tassels and pom poms.

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