The 7 Wonders of choosing your Wedding Day Makeup: Step by step

The 7 Wonders of choosing your Wedding Day Makeup: Step by step

Today let’s tackle (what can be) one of the hardest choices for your Wedding Day look, your Makeup!

Choosing your Wedding Day Makeup can be stressful and confusing. There are endless styles and colour choices to select from… but which of these will suit your perfect gown but still feel like you? And what about Bridesmaid’s dresses and THEIR makeup looks? Will it last all day and night? Even through tears… What if it rains? You may have started a Pinterest board and love so many of the looks BUT they are all different? Which do I choose?!
Fear not! Over my decade of experience in the Wedding Industry I’m going to open my Little Black Book of tips and list out for you the process you need to follow!

The 7 Wonders of choosing your Wedding Day Makeup;

Wonder #1. Understanding. Have a basic understanding of your Wedding Day style from Head to Toe before really looking at any Makeup inspiration. (The Big Picture includes – your dress, jewellery, blooms, hair piece/veil and shoes). This will help guide you right to those looks that will be complimentary and right past those that aren’t!

Wonder #2. Follow Your Artist. So you’ve booked your Makeup Artist, make their Instagram or Facebook Pages your first stop for inspiration; These images will feature people on a real Wedding Day, and are often captured by the Artist themselves, not filtered and not edited OR they are images edited by a Wedding Photographer. [Your Wedding Photographer will aim to capture you as you are on the day.] Thus a realistic look and expectation.(Note: There are very practical reasons why certain styles are most popular for Bride’s – for example choosing a soft lip because they are quick and easy to touch up. Bold lip colours are beautiful but are an all day commitment. You must touch up and be careful of smudging… they can be staining too – so if you choose this keep a mini packet of Makeup Wipes handy to make sure none of those sweet kisses stain the Groom! Speak with your Artist for tips, tricks and products to best use on your day if you choose a dark or bold lip.)

Wonder #3. Personal Choice. So who are you when you are not a Bride? And what makeup do you wear? Do you wear flick liner like a boss, rock a bold lip ALWAYS or maybe you really don’t wear much makeup at all. Keep in the back of your mind that these little details make you, YOU! Don’t fight the urge! Your Artist can transform these ‘you’ things into your Wedding Day Makeup. Perhaps you might choose to try a completely different look on your Wedding Day, which is absolutely ok! Just remember when you look in the mirror that first time after your makeup is done you WILL feel a little different.

Wonder #4. Use Inspiration as your Guide. When you look for Makeup inspiration be realistic! Look for similar face shapes, complexion and hair (colour and length) to yourself. That means if you have dark hair look at images that also reflect this, one makeup look will be totally different on a blonde haired Bride than a Brunette! Looking at styles in a ‘complete look’ will be less confusing and easier to imagine on yourself.

Wonder #5. Balance. There is a lot to focus on visually on your Wedding Day. Decide what you would like to feature – eyes? Lips? Cheek? – and what elements are most important to you. Will you be wearing glasses? Another detail to consider. The Golden Rule of Bold eye, Soft lip or Soft eye, Bold lip combination is not a rule to break on such an important occasion.There is one (and I repeat ONE!) exception to this rule, Pin Up and Vintage style makeup’s often have bold elements to both eye and lip. They are incredibly feminineand still balanced.

Wonder #6. Know when to Stop Looking. Have you checked your pin board lately or your screen shot collection? Are all your favourite makeup’s starting to look very much the same now? Stop looking! You’ve found your style! Choose 3-5 of your favourite images and save them to your phone. I mean it, NO MORE than 5! Your Makeup Artist will always discuss and design your look with you, help point them in your chosen direction with these images and avoid overwhelming yourself when you can’t make a choice.

Wonder #7. I’m Going To Leave It To The Professional. Ok, so you can’t make a choice… or maybe you would like to let the Professional advise what is best suited to you; either way if you intend to go to your Trial without images or a clear choice you will need to take 2 lists instead.
List 1: What you like about wearing makeup? (including your preferred areas to feature).List 2: What you don’t like about wearing makeup? (including styles you don’t like).
Hint: these lists need only be a few points each and are to help guide your Artist on your personal preferences!

Now that we have that sorted… what about a Trial? What is a Trial and why do I need to book one?This is your opportunity to meet and get to know your Artist before the day. To see your chosen look come to life and allow for adjustments where needed, wear the Makeup and give feedback (another opportunity to perfect the coverage or areas of concern).This is a time to discuss ‘on the day’ (if you have a particular order you’d like people made up in etc) or any other requests or questions.FAQ: When do I book my Trial? I find with my clients that somewhere between 6-8months before but no later than 1month before your perfect day is a good time frame (2-4months prior is most popular). A great idea is to team it with a dress fitting, Bridal Shower, Hen’s Night or an event you are attending to really make use of it. 

Bride Beware: Some Bride’s like to Trial multiple Artist’s to help them make their choice on who to book for their day – this can be expensive and overwhelming! But if your budget allows for it and you feel you can keep an open mind, LUCKY YOU! BUT be honest with each Artist that this is what you are doing. Everyone’s time deserves to be valued, be honest and professional as you expect your Artist to be.  (Best to do this 12months before your day.)
Remember: This is a Trial run for your day! Your Makeup Artist will request feedback to improve the applicationand really personalise it to your needs and skin type. Please keep communication open; if something is not right, speak with your Artist! Do not run for the hills or write it off as a horror Trial and book another Artist.

So there you have it, now you know where to look (when to STOP!), what to look for and when to book your Trial. Enjoy ticking all these things off your To Do List!

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Image Credits:Photographer – Lucy SheedyMakeup Artist – Tyneale Hahn Makeup ArtistHair Artist – Sarah Courtney, The Hair Artist CollectiveGowns, Accessories & Veils – White Lily CoutureFlorist – Le Sans Souci FlowersVenue – Porter’s Plainland HotelModels – Rylee Mackintosh, Shelle Jenkinson and Renee Ventaloro 

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