Post Wedding Glam Tan

Post Wedding Glam Tan

Picture this. You have just received your bridal glow for the special day and you are looking like a beautiful bronzed goddess from the Mediterranean islands . Your eyes are brighter, your teeth are whiter and you are feeling healthy, toned and terrific. Who wouldn’t want to have this feeling, and  have the look last as long as possible.
Here are The Beauty Cult’s 5 Top tips on how to get longer lasting results and how to maintain your spray tan post wedding day and for the honeymoon period.

Tip 1: Invest in a tan extender or organic/natural moisturiser and body wash that are free from SLS and mineral oils as these ingredients are known to affect the longevity and look of your tan – steer clear of Nivea, Dove, Vaseline just to name a few.

Tip 2: Avoid using exfoliants on the skin for the duration of your tan – this also includes massages and pedicures (sorry ladies) and the use of AHA’s products, Glycolic’s etc

Tip 3: Always dry yourself using the “patting”method with your bath towel, avoid dragging the towel across you skin but instead press the towel gently into the skin to dry is best (no harsh rubbing ).

Tip 4: Short warm showers are best. Avoid hot showers!!Hot showers dry the skin making it dry and reducing the longevity of your tan.

Tip 5: HYDRATION! Drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated. Staying hydrated adds moisture to your skin and helps your tan last longer, fade off evenly, and makes for easy tan removal when ready .
And lastly a sneaky extra …

Tip 6: HAVE FUN and enjoy newlywed bliss

Xox Georgie and LeticiaThe Beauty Cult


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