Memorable Proposal Ideas

Memorable Proposal Ideas

So you’ve found the one? But have you thought of how to propose? This life changing moment can bring with it alot of pressure and the story of your marriage proposal will be told to family, friends & even strangers for the rest of your lives so let’s make it a memorable one (no pressure guys)!! Memorable Proposal Ideas…. lets go!

Hot Air Balloon & Champagne Breaky Proposal

Are you the adventurous couple and love breaky with a view and an early start? A hot air balloon proposal would be perfect for the two of you! Whilst you absorb the serenity, get down on one knee and ask for a lifetime commitment, you will then head to a romantic location to indulge on a gourmet breaky including mimosa’s.

Love is in the Air Proposal

Why not organise to write it in the sky!? Even though it’s up there for the world to see, you can create such an intimate private marriage proposal if you are in a secluded spot. Imagine laying on the beach next to your partner, watching the plane fly above waiting for some kind of business advertisment to then watching her eyes light up when she realises it’s her marriage proposal! Keep reading for more Memorable Proposal Ideas below.

Romantic Rainforest Hideaway Proposal

Tell her you’ve planned a weekend away, you take the drive to your secluded rainforest retreat where the afternoon of surprises is about to begin. Firstly she is treated to a one hour couples relaxation massage, followed by beauty treatments including a hair & makeup package and don’t forget those nails! (guys we want manicured nails). Leave an outfit on the bed with a note “meet me outside for your final surprise”, as you escort her through the candlelit path outside she is so surprised to see a beautiful romantic private dinner setting for two complete with a live singer playing her favourite song as you pop the question.

Sunset Clifftop Proposal

Tell her friends your plan and organise them to hijack for her for a sunset hike. You will already be waiting in anticipation at the top of the mountain when she arrives. You’ve scattered rose petals to create an aisle path for her to walk down and are there waiting at the end with a huge bouquet of flowers. You take her hand, drop to one knee and ask her to marry you. The best part – everything is caught on camera by her friends!

Picnic Proposal

Tell her you’ve planned a little romantic something in a secret location, when you both arrive to the destination she finds a completely private teepee setting with a grazing platter, french champagne, candles and rose petals.

Welcome Home Proposal

Does your other half fly often? Ask friends and family to join you at the airport where they’ll each hold up signs spelling out “will you marry me” as they disembark from the plane – ensure you’re holding the “me” sign!

Puzzling Proposal

Customise a jigsaw puzzle “will you marry me” tell her you’ve got a cosy night in planned including dinner, dessert & games!

A diamond in the Chocolate Rough Proposal

Buy a box of chocolates for your lover and replace a chocolate with the engagement ring, when they open it up, drop to one knee to finish the job.

Trail of Flowers Proposal

Whether it be in the comfort of your own home or a fancy hotel room, this could be your perfect proposal. Create a path of flowers and candles leading to the engagement ring, scatter petals to spell out “Marry Me”

Restaurant Proposal

Take her to her all time favourite restaurant, call them well in advance and ask what they suggest or what they can offer. Whether you pop the ring in her champagne glass when she’s not looking or have the chef write it out on her dessert plate it can’t go wrong!

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