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Every wedding photographer has a different style. Mine is relaxed. I take photos in a fun, natural way. I won’t herd your guests around and I won’t make you miss your own reception. Yes I still shoot group shots and bride & groom portraits but I do it in a less intrusive way.

I really love the unstaged moments…… when the groom is helping his bride carry her dress across the field for photos, when mum is wiping the tears from her daughters face, or when the newlyweds share a secret kiss……. I’m there to document it all, and be where I need to be at the perfect times. I get the moments that you might forget about or not even know happened until you relive your day again through your images.

I take the time to know every couples’ plans so I can adapt to any changes on the day to capture what you really want. I’m calm under pressure, so you can just relax and enjoy yourselves.

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