Last-minute wedding tips that you cannot forget!

Last-minute wedding tips that you cannot forget!

Last-minute wedding tips that you wouldn’t want to miss!

  • Pack an emergency kit.

Make an emergency kit for your big day. From spare face wash to superglue, you might need anything on your big day. Also keep medicines, you don’t know who might get sick.

  • A back-up plan for every scenario

If you have a wedding planner, he has already thought about these. But if you have planned the wedding yourself, think of backup plans. Specially if it is an outdoor wedding, be prepared for rain.

  • Have an “insurance policy”

When your vendors collect their payment, make sure to get an note signed by them saying they received the payments. So that none can claim that they didn’t receive their payments.

  • Talk to you vendors once again

Just before the big day, talk to your vendors and reconfirm all the orders so that there is no confusion left. And make sure they will deliver at right time. Delayed delivery may spoil your big day.

  • Keep a stock of snacks

On your wedding day, you might not get time to grab a meal. Always keep stock of snacks by your side so that you don’t go hungry. Hunger can crank up your mood.

  • Don’t forget to get a gift caretaker

You will be receiving a lot of gifts on that day. Get someone who will be taking care of all the gifts. You need someone to take away the gifts from you and keep them safe. A younger family member is your best choice.

  • Make your guests feel loved.

Make sure your guests are properly received and if you can get them welcome gifts. Make sure someone guides them to their hotel rooms and tables.

  • Get a helping hand- a friend indeed.

On your wedding day, you will be busy like anything. Make sure you have a friend who can be your proxy at different places. He/she should be trustworthy.

  • Create a itinerary of the day.

Make sure you have written down a detailed schedule of the whole day. So that you know when is what and you can give a copy of that if anyone need it.

  • Bring extra cash just in case. 

You might need cash anytime. Having extra cash is always a boon. There might be someone who went beyond his call of duty, tips are appreciated always.

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