Important things to know When Getting married...

Important things to know When Getting married…

Whether you’re still dating, newly engaged, or already hitched, every woman must know these 15 things about getting married They’ll make sure you’re traveling the road to wedded bliss—with way fewer bumps along the way.

Your proposal—and wedding—may not be magical.


Your proposal and wedding day will undoubtedly be special and memorable. But there’s a caveat: You’ve spent so much time building up each moment in your head that when those moments come, they may be as awkward and unperfect  as any first-time experience, says Meredith Bodgas, weddings blogger at Marital bliss. Relax—the “flaws” in your stories will end up being your favorite parts to recount.

You might not like your engagement ring.

Some couples decide to pick out the bride’s ring together, but others are intent on a surprise. If you want the jaw-drop shock moment, you run the risk of not being crazy about your ring. If you don’t want to chance getting a ring you don’t love, consider discussing a proposal with a family ring or solid band instead—or try dropping hints or discussing the details.

Some things will change when you get engaged.


The minute you flip your Facebook status to “engaged,” you’ll find that people will respect your relationship more (it’s a great feeling!). some says you’ll start to look at money differently and adjust your spending habits knowing a wedding is impending, you’ll feel closer to your fiancé, and you won’t consider it silly looking at wedding magazines.

You may have to go out of your way to maintain a life separate from your guy.


Dependence is tempting—and often easy. When you get married, you’re likely looking for a comfortable life with your groom, but your independent life and friendships may suffer as a result. Keeping up with them is going to take extra work, so strengthen your most important personal relationships now.

You may forget how to be spontaneous.


“Having a routine for *everything__ __*leaves no room for spontaneity. “But just because you have some necessary routines doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous.” Once you’re engaged, falling into a rut may become even more likely, especially if you’re not yet living together. While you’re still dating, get into the practice of being spontaneous to make sure the romance stays alive.

You’ll care about that little wedding detail you swore you never would


We’re not saying you’ll end up on Bridalbible, but no matter how much you fight it, you’re probably going to fuss over the width of the stripes on the napkins and exactly how many peonies are in the centerpieces. By the end of wedding planning, you’ll be able to spot the difference between raw silk and shantung from 10 miles away.

Don’t go shopping for your wedding dress without doing these three key things.

First, be certain you really, truly know your budget so you won’t try on a dress you can’t ultimately afford. Second, make sure you know your venue so you’ll pick an appropriate dress. And third, pick your company wisely. (DON’T go with an entourage—too many opinions will drive you crazy.)

When wedding planning, get everything in writing.

Prevent nasty wedding budget surprises by getting all arrangements on paper. Reiterate oral agreements, especially with vendors who might not give you a contract, like your makeup artist, to make sure everyone’s on the same page and to ensure everyone stays honest.

Spend the evening before your wedding with your best friends or sisters.

Do something low-key, like having a slumber party (seriously!), or go shopping for honeymoon essentials until the mall closes, or see a movie.

Your partner should make you feel like a better person.

According to a study the marriages that last are the ones in which your partner helps you expand your definition and value of yourself. We couldn’t agree more.

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