How to Pick Your Wedding Photographer

How to Pick Your Wedding Photographer

5 tips on how to pick your Wedding Photographer:
Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, of course you want to get it right!
Sometimes, trying to get everything perfectly aligned can put the pressure on. It’s important
to note that not a single one of your vendors wants you to feel stressed. We’re here to help!
Our job is to make your vision come to life. Here are a few simple tips on how to pick your
Wedding Photographer.

Place your priorities
Each element of your wedding will contribute to your overall experience equally, when it’s
in focus. For example: During your ceremony, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is your
cake! During the cake cutting, you won’t be bothered by your catering. While you’re eating,
you couldn’t care less about your photographer – and yet, every detail, when in the
spotlight, is of absolute importance. Sit down together and nut out which elements are
most important to you and distribute your budget accordingly.

Settle on a Style
There are so many to pick from, where will you begin!?
Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!
Whether you’re a Pinterest lover, Instagram scroller or Magazine browser, you have all the
options right at your fingertips! Try saving, screenshotting or collecting your favourite
wedding images aka, your inspiration. Create a mood-board, or something similar and you’ll
no doubt start to see a trend. The more you collect, the more your style will evolve and the
easier it will become to define what you’re looking for.

Browse a range of portfolios
Technology to the rescue! Viewing a Wedding Photographers work has never been so easy.
Apps like Instagram and Facebook give your eyes the viewing pleasure of tens to hundreds
of your favourite Photographers work, within minutes! Use your socials to spot a few (3-4)
Photographers whose portfolios are nailing the style reflected on your mood-board.
(Sometimes there’s lots, sometimes there’s only a couple. There’s always someone!)

Identify the intimacy
Once you’ve found a few (3-4) Wedding Photographers that not only “do” your style, but
kick ass at it, look a little closer at the images. Go beyond the colour scheme and look closer
at the emotion you see in each couple. Are most of the couples laughing and having fun or
are they focused and fixed on one another? Are the couples moving and acting in their
element, or are they posed and standing in similar ways? Everyone has their personal
preference, but this is about you! Think about your relationship and find someone who can
capture similar characters in an authentic way.

Get in touch and catch up
From 3-4 Portfolios, you might find 1-2 Wedding Photographers that really show your style
front to back, inside out and everywhere in between. Get in contact with them and take
note of what the process is like. What kind of response do you receive? Are they interested
in your day and do they make the experience personal? Do they want to know more about
you and do they want to meet? If you feel as though you gel with the Photographer,
organise a catch up. Grab a drink, a coffee, go on hike – whatever makes you feel
Use this meeting as an opportunity to get to know the Wedding Photographer personally.
Make sure your personalities match and that you get along – the only thing more important
than the photos they send to you after your day is how they make you feel during your day.

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