How important is your wedding invitation style to you?

How important is your wedding invitation style to you?

Article by: Invitations by Tango Designs

Is DIY worth it? How do I get my perfect invitations if my budget does not allow? Can I save on other items instead? Those are some of the questions you may have.

Working in the wedding industry for more than 12 years, I have to say, as most colleges in the industry, that we have seen a lot. Diverse weddings, tastes, budgets and expectations. We often hear: “I want it simple, elegant and not to spend a fortune”, with all 3 things being subjective, right? What is elegant to me may be ordinary to some, what is unique in someone’s eyes, may be mass produced in my eyes, and if we talk budget….. well, price perception can take a whole blog itself. What is expensive for some, is great value for others, and what it is affordable in Australia, may be exorbitant for other countries. Every country has different material and labour costs and different standards for what’s quality and what’s not, what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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That’s when I ask, how important are the wedding invitations for you? And how to know what is realistic, with so much information, or misinformation and overwhelming advice from so called experts.

I can just share my thoughts….

For some, invitations are a one-time keepsake, symbolizing a unique day of union, a once in a life-time experience. For others they are bit of paper with some printed information. Luckily, most of our clients highly regard their wedding invitation and we are so grateful with that view, as we do not specialize in mass produced printed cards, nor we import from overseas suppliers that use cheap labour.

Saying that, there seems to be a new trend of couples looking for top of the range products at low prices. Who wouldn’t? All photos look similar, right? The truth is that they are not top of the range, or close to the top, or even average. Photoshop can make wonderful pictures of shoddy products which appear across websites everywhere. And who is it that is promoting these types of products all over the net, cutting off prices? Mainly Chinese manufacturers via websites, via Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook and other social media platforms. Their marketing budgets are huge, so you will no doubt see their products. Are these products what you really want? If you’re not at all fussy, then maybe. But what if you have already ordered based on those photos? Is it too late and will you have regrets?

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We always say that there are three aspects to our handmade invitations and you can only choose two: quality, speed of production and price. In other words, if you want quality work and you want it fast, it won’t be cheap!

If however, your budget is an issue, my suggestions are:

1/ Go for a simple design (less labour): Simple does not mean cheap or poor quality. Simple means one layer of card rather than 2 or 3 papers stuck on top of each other, no ribbon, no bands, no trimmings. Pretty things can be made with any amount of materials. Digital print is cheaper than letterpress, foil or thermographic printing techniques.

2/ Cut off the ‘add ons’ like; rsvp, wishing well card, info card, map, etc. Create a free online wedding page with all the extra info and add all the bits that don’t fit in the invitation. There are heaps of free wedding website creators out there. Just Google ‘free wedding website’.

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3/ Consider revising your guest list. There may be a couple of people that won’t make a difference to you and your fiancé, if they come or not. But it may make the difference between getting the invitations you want or the low quality that just looks good in a photo. Saving on small items or services (invitations, cake, accessories) are usually barely noticeable in the overall cost of the wedding. Talk to your caterer. Sometimes swapping one dessert for another or making a minor change to the menu can save you hundreds.

4/ If time allows, and you’ve got the skills, you can get a DIY pack from your wedding stationer. Be sure you have the level of skills and equipment needed. Buy an unassembled version first to ensure you can do it within the time you estimate and with the results you expect.

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5/ Not skilled? Try the SEMI-DIY option. You won’t save as much but you will do a lot less than pure DIY, since the design, printing and cutting are done for you. It may even be a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids and a bottle of wine!

6/ Advise to a supplier you trust, your real budget per invitation. Be realistic. Ask what designs can fit within that budget. Check their online prices first so you are familiar with the supplier’s pricing. Copyright does exist with invitation design, so shopping around with a higher priced competitor’s photo is not only unethical but can be time consuming and disappointing. You may get someone to agree to create the invitation for you, but it may differ radically from what the original product was.

7/ Even if buying within Australia, USA and UK, be aware of Chinese factories already established online with an Australian or USA domain and some with a shop front looking great. The jobs are often printed and produced in China and may take 4-6 weeks to be finished. If there is a problem, there may not be time to get them re-made and you may end up just wasting your money. I am not saying it’s right or wrong, but you have the right to know who is making your invitations and what guarantees you have if they are not right. Prices are noticeably cheaper and often the paper is of poor quality. There may be marks, glue bubbles, unstuck corners or crooked sticking and poor-quality print. Maybe that’s all you need, but you should be aware of this beforehand.

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In the end, there are great, ethically priced invitation suppliers in Australia that offer a complete service consultation (via phone, email or face to face). They design, print, cut, assemble and prepare the order for you with the utmost care, because they are proud of what they do.

You should enjoy the process, discussing your ideas, creating your concept and have someone on the other side working with you, to answer that call or email when you need them and to deliver to your door the invitations to your dream wedding day.

Article by: Invitations by Tango Designs

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