How do I find and book my Makeup Artist?

How do I find and book my Makeup Artist?

You’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! The first thing you need to do is stop! Stop and enjoy this special time… before the planning starts!

Hi! I’m Tyneale, I’m a Professional Makeup Artist and have been so for more than a decade. I specialise in Weddings and Events. Yes, that is a long time and YES I’ve seen many things over my 11years. Moments of pure joy, smiles and laughter; but also moments of panic and disaster. (Thankfully those of panic and disaster are few and far between!) I’ve put together a series of advice blogs to help you through the planning process! These tips and processes can be adapted to all areas of your Wedding Day planning, and help you feel confident in the choices you make (and avoid disaster!) so let’s get you on your way! 

How to find and book your Wedding Day Makeup Artist? As tempting as it is to google every Makeup Artist in a 50km radius and request a million quotes to make sure you get the best price, don’t. This is only going to overwhelm you when the Quotes start flooding in and you will miss many important details and inclusions (or things that aren’t included that are important to you!) that can be unique to each artist. When searching for your Wedding Day Makeup Artist there are a few things you need to ask yourself before you contact anyone…

1. Budget, Budget… Budget! How much are you prepared to spend on your Makeup? Are you going to pay for your Bridesmaid’s Makeup as part of their thank you gift? It is important to recognise a good deal or when you are perhaps being charged a premium cost but unfortunately there is no ‘RRP’ for Makeup Artist’s. So how do you know what that is? Straight up, you will find that most Professional Artist’s won’t discount their services. Yes they may run specials or extra add on’s but ‘discounts’, no. Below is a guideline for what you can expect to pay per person based on experience and ability: (please remember city and rural locations may differ slightly in prices.)
What does the cost really mean?
$50.00 or less – Beginner Artist, quite possibly still studying with very limited ‘on the job’ experience. (0-2years experience)
$50.00-$80.00 – Intermediate Artist, they will have completed their study and have ‘on the job’ experience. They will be on their way to creating their dream Kit suited to their clients and location. (2-5years experience)

$80.00-$100.00 – Experienced Artist, these artist’s will have the industry ‘know how’ and a specialised, possibly compact Kit. They will be ready for anything and do not stress easily. (5-10years experience)

$100.00-$200.00 – Very Experienced Artist, Specialist Artist or City based Artist, artist’s in this price bracket will usually have a specialised style or service, you may also find that Artist’s based in the bigger cities generally have a bigger price tag due to the cost to be based there. A visit to their website will tell you which of the two it is! (8years + experience) 

2. Style – When you start looking through Magazine’s, Blog’s and Website’s you will be drawn to a particular style or styles. You do need to think of the big picture when looking at makeup though. Your Wedding Day attire, hair and makeup, jewellery and blooms as an all in one. Booking a Makeup Artist who specialises in your preferred style will always be a win! Note: Start looking there!

3. Location! – Do I book local vendors to my Wedding Venue or pay someone Local to me too travel? This is a great Question… and it really comes down to your personal preference. Most venue’s will have a Recommended Vendor List (which is a great starting point) but if you have chosen to say your ‘I do’s’ in an area known for Weddings don’t forget to look to the wider local Vendor community as well. This will give you perspective and confidence in your short listed preferences. (A Recommended Vendor List won’t list someone in every style!) The area itself will be a well oiled Wedding Day machine! They are both fantastic options, an informed decision is best!

4. Inclusions! – Most Makeup Artist’s will include things in there Wedding Day services. For me personally, I include complimentary Lashes with a full Makeup (Airbrush or Traditional) and gift all of my Bride’s a mini Touch Up Kit to maintain the makeup through any weather or emotion on the day. It is worth checking, your booking might include a lip touch up or this might be something you can purchase directly through the artist. Don’t forget to ask if you are unsure!

5. Self taught, qualified… freelance? What do all these words mean? It is super easy to become overwhelmed with information, so let me break it down…

Self Taught – This means your Makeup Artist has no formal certificate or diploma.Qualified – This means your Makeup Artist DOES have a formal certificate or diploma.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Many amazing Artist’s are self taught, they attend Master Classes and get ‘up to the minute and on trend’ training but some don’t. The exact same can be said for Qualified Artist’s. One component I recommend you be mindful of (for ANY Artist!) is hygiene. A professional Makeup Kit is always thoroughly cleaned (as well as all their tools – brushes, sponges and airbrush equipment).

Freelance – This is an Artist who works for themselves and is not linked to any particular brands. 

Right, so now you’ve made some decisions, what do I do next? Follow these simple steps…1. Research – Google search, Insta and Facebook stalk… check reviews and Websites and put together a List of your top 5 Artist’s. (Hint: some Artist’s do list prices on their website! You’ll know pretty quickly if that fits your budget before contacting them).2. Contact your top 5, check there availability and request a Quote. Include information such as Location/Venue, Number of Makeup’s (Bride, Bridesmaids, Mother etc) and Ceremony Time. 
FAQ: How far out from my date should I do this? The timeline below will give you a good idea of what time frame you need to work from if you want your choice of Artist.Destination Wedding: If you are having a Destination Wedding and (a) require your artist to fly or travel a long way (b) have chosen to book your vendors at the destination location. You won’t want to be caught short. You should make contact 1-1.5years before your day.Location Wedding: Location Weddings still require some travel but are a drivable distance. Whether you choose to book from the local area or have someone travel, you should make contact 10-12months before your day.Local Wedding: Local Weddings are more easily organised, you probably already know who you want to book and they’ve done your makeup before. SO DON’T MISS OUT! You should make contact 8-10months before your day.3. Review your Quote’s and make your choice! Once you have selected the Artist for you, make no delay! Lock it in!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit here and picked up some helpful tips on finding and booking your Wedding Day Makeup Artist! Stay tuned for the next chapter…

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