Healthy Relationship Habits

Healthy Relationship Habits

After you’ve been in a relationship for after approximately 12 months, things can become pretty routine and the honeymoon period starts to wear off. We start to believe this is what relationships are and we get bored. The reality is, relationships needs to be worked on, there needs to be a mutual effort and understanding of each other.

We are here to tell you steps on how to grow within your relationship and how to create a happy and healthy foundation for your relationship.

Before we get stuck into it we aren’t going to list the obvious ones here like being honest or trustworthy, reliable etc we are going to go into a little more detail of things you may or may not be guilty of.

1. You’re not always right – if you are naturally a stubborn person, and your partner is also, you both need to realise that it’s not a competition, you aren’t competing against each other, you need to listen and absorb what the other person is saying and think before you speak!

2. Be interested in the other person’s interest – sounds simple right? It’s not! If your partner is really passionate about a topic and invests their time and energy into a conversation with you, listen and ask questions. It can be deflating if you are excited to share something with your partner and they are genuinely not interested and distracted by sitting on their phone. They will start to notice and stop telling you things that excite them all together and it will create a communication barrier where you will both feel disconnected.

3. Be playful and fun –  find a hobby you like to do together, this may be cooking, playing tennis, going to the gym and doing a work out together. When you invest time in doing fun things in your relationship where you are having a good time together you will feel happy and that “boring” feeling will start to fade. Get back to that time where everything felt light and carefree. In order to grow together you do have to go through serious things and you will need to have serious conversations about your lives and your jobs, feelings and emotions but you also want to be able to be playful together too without all the seriousness in the way and just have a good time together.

4. Date nights – it’s such an important component of a relationship as it brings excitement to the typical days we otherwise live. Now we can understand this might be hard for some, especially if you have children or hectic work schedules but you can get creative, it doesn’t have to be the conventional dinner and a movie, you can surprise your partner with a game night or if you can get out, go somewhere you haven’t been before and try new things.  Now if you have children, we understand you are a little more restricted but that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for your partner to excite your relationship. Organise a babysitter once a month to spend quality time together and engage in a real conversation. Take time out of your busy schedule to invest quality time for each other.

5. Don’t stop flirting – with each other! Just because you’re comfortable and stable within the relationship now doesn’t mean the effort you put in should stop. It’s something that only you two can share which makes the relationship passionate and romantic and  it keeps the spark alive.

6. Complimenting your partner – it’s a rather effortless gesture but it can go such a long way! It’s important to recognise effort and appreciate the things our partners do for us. I think we all strive to put a smile on our partners face and a small compliment can really lift our spirits and keep us as happy as we deserve to be.

7. Make time for your friends – Whilst we can get so caught up in our relationship and everyday lives it’s also important to make time for your friends. If you and your partner are constantly living in each other pockets you will most likely start to argue and bicker about things that aren’t even important. This is because you’re annoyed with their presence! Call your friends, plan a walk on the beach, coffee dates. Tell your partner to go and plan a golf day with his mates or whatever he’s into. It’s important to set aside time with your friends to then really value and appreciate your time together.

8. Build each other up – recognise each other hard work and success and tell them! Remember you are a team working together! Be proud and you will bounce of each others motivation

9. Recognition – When your partner gets home from work or you can home from work, stop what you’re doing for 15 seconds say hello, give each a hug and a kiss, ask how their day was or roll over in the morning and take a minute to just be in the moment with your partner before the craziness takes off again. It will make your partner feel recognised, and that you actually care. These are small gestures that anyone can do and you wait, it will do the world of good for your relationship.

10. Celebrate – anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, fathers day. Show your partner you appreciate them by surprising them with a card and flowers, or a date night, a letter whatever it may be, show them your appreciation with a gesture.

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