Gold Coast Tipis – Melissa & Yasmine

Gold Coast Tipis – Melissa & Yasmine

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It’s a powerful thing when two people connect and fall madly in love with each other, but to be able to share this love with your closest family and friends, this is something truly amazing.

Melissa and Yasmine celebrated their love for one another in a commitment ceremony beneath one of our Kata Tipis on a private property in Mt Tamborine. It was an intimate occasion with all their closest family and friends present, a chance to set free all their wildest dreams and hopes for their future together.

The tipi was styled with a mix of vintage, hippy and boho flair, a vibe that perfectly suited this gorgeous, carefree couple. By incorporating their own treasures in their styling, Melissa and Yasmine were able to create something truly unique, and extraordinarily magical.

Tell us about the moment you and your partner first met? For some lucky lovers they tell a story of love at first sight. Ours was more love at second sight. Yasmine and I first met 12 years ago whilst studying our nursing degree. I was in the back row rolling my eyes at the girl with her hand in the air asking question after question who was adamant we would never get an early mark- this was Yasmine. Fast forward another 8 years and the universe finally got it right. I walked into a party and there she was. Eyes gazed firmly on me. And as they saying goes, the rest is history.

How did you know a tipi wedding was for you? We knew the tipi was undoubtedly our style and we planned our whole wedding around it. We love what the tipi tent represents. To us it oozes the vibe of ‘lets sit, eat, drink and chill’. We were lucky enough to have access to a family property where our imagination could run wild and succeed in our vision of a chilled out wedding.

What styling tips are a must for the tipis? The tent itself is such a showstopper and could work with so many types of weddings. You’ve got a blank page to run wild with. You should stay true to your style whether that’s modern, formal or boho, because whatever you choose it’ll work!

Did you have a budget in mind, and did you stick to it? We respected the fact that we needed to have a budget and the importance of sticking to one. We had a list of what we HAD to have, and then everything else we could look at our other options. We had a figure we did not want to exceed and we are proud to say we stuck to it, and even saved extra pennies in the end! Budgeters 101.

How do you describe your style and where did you find your inspiration? Yasmine is the first to admit styling isn’t her strong point, and she was happy for me to let my imagination run wild. We wanted our wedding style to be an extension of our loving home. I’m talking vintage, romance, lace, a little retro, industrial with a touch of barefoot hippy. My style inspiration is my mum. She has been an op-shop treasure finder for as long as I can remember and has passed her eye of style to me. Needless to say we decorated the space with each of our treasures from our homes and together with our vendors created something magical.  My inspiration also comes from the queen of boho, Stevie Nicks. What a goddess.

What was one of your favourite highlights from your wedding? The constant laughter. The happy tears. And watching my wife drop it like it’s hot to her rnb favorites. #ridemypony.

Is there anything you would have done different, and if so what? The only thing that we both wish is that time could stop. It is true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. And oh boy did we have fun.

Do you have any advice for other couples planning a tipi wedding? Don’t stress about the weather. What will be will be. And the tipi will keep you and your guests dry, they are the perfect solution! And in the morning, take your love and just sit there, in the tipi, and have a coffee. Reflecting in the magic that just happened.

Venue: Private residence, Mount Tamborine Furnishings: The one day house rentalsThe Palace & co.  Photography: Gemma Lauga Film:Blueroom Productions Catering: Fire N Dough Bar: Family friends Celebrant: Clare Doyle- Note: as this union is illegal in the eyes of the government we got our best friend to play this special role Musicians: Jake & Andy Florist: Bouquets, reception blooms & arbour: bride Flower crowns: Gold coast florist Styling: Mother, Rhonda, and bride Cake: Seeing Double Bakery Dress: Made with LoveGrace Loves Lace Hair:Friends Make-up: Friends Suits: TarocashCountry Road Toilets: Viking rentals Cool room: Gold coast cool room hire Generator: Kennards Hire, Oxenford

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