Disaster! How do I fix a Wedding Day Makeup emergency? [or avoid this happening to me?!]

Disaster! How do I fix a Wedding Day Makeup emergency? [or avoid this happening to me?!]

You might remember back to my very first advice post, I spoke a tiny bit about Me and my experience; in the hopes of helping you (if this was to ever happen…) or maybe you are Chief Bridesmaid and in charge of diverting all crisis on the day? Here’s a list of some panic/stressful/disaster moments I’ve experienced (or fellow Artist’s have experienced), rescued Bride’s from and their resolutions.

1. My Makeup Artist is sick! And it’s my Wedding Day?! This situation can cause quite a lot of panic, before going into meltdown ask your unwell Makeup Artist to help you find a replacement. 
NOTE: In the fine print of your contract an emergency plan might already be prepared! So it might not mean panic stations at all! Make sure you do actually read through your contract.
You will often find if you have booked a professional, they will likely have a list of names to contact for you or possibly have a replacement Artist coming to you (your replacement Artist may not yet be aware of all the finer details of your makeup, (this can all happen very quickly), so take a moment when they arrive to go over this calmly. If your Makeup Artist can not refer another, contact your Hair Stylist or Photographer. They work closely with Makeup Artist’s all the time and will have trusted industry contacts as well!

2. I have been unable to contact my Makeup Artist?! Ok, so this is not ideal at all. But depending on the timeframe there is no need to panic just yet. If this is a month before your day and it has only been a day, your reply is probably still coming. (Makeup Artist’s are very busy on weekends – I wouldn’t expect a quick reply then) If you’ve emailed, wait 2 days then follow up with a message to their social media accounts (most Artist’s will quickly reply via this method as it’s so accessible). Still no word? Phone your Artist. If this is an emergency situation and you need to speak with them promptly, don’t email or message, just call. I have had a fellow Artist be unaware that their emails were down if it weren’t for a Bride phoning her to check in. It is technology and unfortunately it can happen.

3. My Makeup Artist has just cancelled on me?! I’d really like to think that any Artist in the Professional community would never do this to a client without good reason and a replacement. I hate to say it but this is a very good indicator that the person you have booked might not be as ‘professional’. If they have simply cancelled do not waste time speaking with them to get referrals. (If they can cancel with no good reason and no back up plan who ever they refer could do the same). If you have time, start from the beginning and find another Artist. If not, contact previous Artist’s you have enquired with, hopefully they can help you or at the very least pass on a contact. Speaking with your Hair Stylist for recommendations is a good idea too.TIP: Don’t send out an SOS and contact 20 Makeup Artist’s at once, or post on every Wedding Group you are part of… you will be bombarded with offers of help. Keep a list and contact no more than 2 at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

4. I didn’t like my Trial, what do I do?! Most Bride’s will tweak their look after a Trial, some change the look completely! (and that is absolutely ok!). Before you blame your Artist and panic, stop. Is it in fact the makeup you did ask for but as it turns out you don’t like it on you? Speak with your Artist they will have the solution I’m sure. Or is it the other … your Artist was not able to create what you’ve requested? Again, speak with them about your concerns and what has left you disappointed (a second Trial is a good idea). If you are still unhappy communicate this to your Artist, perhaps it’s time you did look else where.
Please Remember: A Trial is an opportunity to perfect your look. Always keep the lines of communication open! Feeling overwhelmed? Check back to my previous 2 Articles published here on Bridal Bible Weddings ‘How to find your Wedding Day Makeup Artist’ and ‘The 7 Wonders of choosing your Wedding Day Makeup; Step by step’.

5. We’ve changed our Wedding Day plans and don’t need Makeup anymore, will I get my deposit back? Have you decided to Elope instead of a big celebration? Or unfortunately (and very sadly) you may no longer be together. In my time I’ve seen both. My advice is to check your contract or service agreement. Most deposits or booking fee’s are clearly stated to be non-refundable after a cooling off period. Please don’t continue to hassle your Artist to try and get it anyway.Note: Remember you agreed to this contract upon booking.

6. I’ve just found out I have a new allergy! What do I do? Oh no! That’s terrible! But a relief to know before the actual day. Inform your Artist immediately of what you are allergic too and the severity of your reaction. They will research their products to be sure your allergen is not in them.FAQ: What are common ingredients people have allergies to in Makeup?SunscreenGlutenTalcBees waxAlcoholShea Butter (nut allergy)FragrancesEssential Oils

7. I have a cold sore! What next? Get yourself to the chemist and treat as directed. Unfortunately makeup will not be able to be applied by your Artist to the area due to the risk of infection. So be up front that it is there, your Artist will notice anyway and tell you they can’t cover it. Thank fully most of those little things pop up on the lip and blend in a bit. If you DO apply anything to it, be careful! Or you will simply transfer the infection around your face! (Use single use lip wands or cotton tips to apply lip colour and do not share with others!).

8. One of my Bridesmaids has caught Chicken Pox, can she still have her makeup done? Your Bridesmaid will need a doctor’s clearance to say the infection has passed. Even then any open areas will need to be avoided (usually at the point where a Doctor would give the ok, the spots are healing and sealed over). Aside from any application worries, the risk of passing on the virus should be assessed. If your Artist is pregnant (or anyone present at prep for that matter!) they may decide to be unable to complete that persons makeup or be near anyone that could possibly have caught it and not yet showing symptoms. Chicken Pox during pregnancy can have devastating effects on the unborn baby.

9. The Groom went out last night… and now he’s sporting a decent black eye, what can I do? Yes I’ve received this call… so we started a little earlier which meant I had time to get to the groom and cover his unsightly bruise. Crisis averted! All professional Makeup Artist’s are able to colour correct bruising but if your Artist does not have time to do this due to timing on the day ask them to refer someone you can book to do the cover up.Please remember… colour correction will do exactly that, correct colour. It will not take away the appearance of swelling. It will not be possible to cover where the skin has been broken due to the risk of infection, if this is the case #1 ouch!! #2 contact your photographer, they will be able to position the groom – or edit – so it is not so front and centre in your precious memories!

10. My Mum and Sister have decided they DO want makeup, can you fit them in? Your Artist will advise if they can fit them in or refer another Artist that will be able to care for them. Most times it is easy to add in an extra person, it usually just means starting a bit earlier.

And finally… I want to end on this note. This one is a bit special so I didn’t give it a number… But what if your date has had to change for health reasons? I want to make special mention that I have been honoured to be part of a handful of Weddings that have been brought forward under very sad circumstances – terminal illness. I have also been privileged to pamper the terminally ill so they can have their last family photo’s taken. (I personally choose to gift the Makeup application to the unwell person.) This is an emergency of a different kind; an urgency to preserve the time left. Every time I have shared tears with the family, you see, in this situation, you are booked quickly and arrive as a stranger but you leave having shared some of the most precious moments a person has left to give. Sadly my family has experienced this type of tragedy. It is heart breaking but I truly appreciate the opportunity I have to genuinely care for others at once in a lifetime or last time occasions.
So there you have it… a little emergency tool kit for you to have up your sleeve! Always remember to take a moment and breathe, there is always a way!

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