“A Piece of Cake” Weddings Cakes Made Easy

“A Piece of Cake” Weddings Cakes Made Easy

We are Niesje and Paige, the sister duo behind The Cakehouse Company, a Gold Coast-based, fully-licensed, bespoke cakery. We specialise in creating custom wedding cakes and pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.

Today we share our five top tips to a smooth and simple wedding cake process to ensure you receive a delicious and stunning Wedding Cake on your big day.

Tip 1: That old saying

We’re all familiar with the old saying: you get what you pay for. Well, we can’t stress enough how important it is to choose an experienced licensed cake maker. You may find Betty from her backyard basement can make your cake for $50 but there are reasons for this. Trust us!

The skill, finish, taste and detail of a cake you receive from a licensed professional will be far superior to a backyard bake. We hear horror stories weekly from couples who arrive to their reception only to be met with the leaning tower of Pisa or go to eat their cake and have to check their guests all have dental cover.

Do your research and use licensed professionals only! Check their reviews and make sure you love their style of work and that they align with the look, theme and finish of your wedding. Every cake maker has a unique style. If you want a fully fondant traditional style of cake then find someone whose cake style reflects this. If you are after a more natural organic textured finish cake then find the natural organic textured cake superstar. You get the idea. Basically, you get what you pay for. The level of skill and finish, design and detail will vary greatly. Go licensed!  

Tip 2: Have your cake and eat it too.

Taste the cake!

Once you’ve chosen your cake maker, we recommend having a cake tasting. Go and try a number of custom flavours and double check you love the taste and the look of the cake of your chosen cake maker.

Your cake tasting is your chance to discuss flavours and finishes and enjoy a range of different flavour combinations. 

You may love fondant but you can’t make a semi naked cake from fondant so trust the professional to guide you in the right direction.

They will be able to make suggestions on what flavours and finish, ganache, buttercream or fondant would be best to create your dream cake.

Tip 3: The relationship and trust

You want customer service to be a smooth process and a transparent experience, like one you’d expect from a great retail assistant – chatty, helpful, professional and ready to help and answer questions, provide options and ideas. Advise you of things you hadn’t thought of, like stand, cake knife, storage.

Consider weather and venue when designing your cake.

Tip 4: The one stop shop

Thinking wedding cake, dessert bar and wedding favours? Have guests who have allergies or are gluten free or vegan yourself?

Why not save yourself some of the stress and headache and find one company – yep ONE – to create them all!

Your wedding cake, your dessert bar and your wedding favours, personalised cookies or macarons and any dietary requirements.

Choosing a one stop shop ensures your wedding will flow, look cohesive and the skill, finish and detail throughout will be consistent. Dealing with one company versus multiple will provide a much simpler wedding planning process.

Tip 5: Be transparent

Cost reflects not only ingredients – a cake is so much more than flour and eggs. It is skill, experience, detail and design, and it all takes time.

We appreciate that all couples have a budget in their head and it’s best to advise this upfront so your cake maker can work with you to provide options or alternatives. A small cutting cake and mixed cupcakes is always a good option. Looks amazing, is easy serving and budget friendly. Fake cake tiers help to reduce the cost also, or bulk out the size of cake to create the overall desired look.

So you want a four-tier cake but only have 40 guests? Get a fake tier.

Love Niesje and Paige x

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